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Pharma Franchise for General Medicine ¬– There are many factors that increase the susceptibility of infections over time. However, there have been great discoveries in various treatments of ophthalmolgy, gynecology and ortho etc. Radisun Lifesciences is one such company that provides the PCD pharma franchise for general medicines. The range is wide and includes the tablets, capsules, syrups, protein powders, drops, topical solutions or ointments etc. The net price of the products is economical and the company offers you genuine business opportunity in the selected area or location as a PCD franchiser.
The pharmaceutical market is grabbing a lot of attention and is providing multitudinous opportunities for starting your own venture. Radisun Lifesciences is a renowned and credible Pharma Company that offers pharma franchise and Third party manufacturing for wide range of general medicines in India. We have successfully delivered medicines in the segment of antibiotic, anti-infectives, anesthesia, analgesic medicines etc. The best part about the company is that it provides flexible business investment plans that meet your different needs. The scope of business growth is good as our company offers promotional support and multiple offers that benefit the client and the company all the way.
You can get more information related to our Pharma franchise dealerships in your preferred location by calling us at +91-9810895818. We will also serve you on email radisun2005@rediffmail.com or you can simply leave a message on our contact inquiry form. We will be looking forward to hearing from your end.

Growing Your Pharmaceutical Franchise Business!

As per Pharma industry experts and government health mission consumption of medicines and surgeries has increased rapidly. The CAGR rates in pharma sector have been in multifold especially in the states like Maharashtra, Karnataka and Bihar. The growth in northeast India and union territories [UT] have been even surprising with more than 2000% in Sikkim, 1200% in Nagaland etc. So, those who are looking to expand or start their own business can now successfully make investment in pharma franchise business and can avail better opportunities for better results. The perks of investing in pharmaceutical sector as a PCD vendor are as follows:
The demand is in bulk especially in the hospitals, multispecialty hospitals etc.
The Profit margin in these segments is impressive as many of them are cashing in these medicines.
The general segment covers many medicines range which will eventually increase the potential offerings to end-users or clients and consumers.
he best thing is that the risk factor is very low as the demand high and distributors are limited in this segment.
Quality Medicines Offered By Radisun Lifesciences for PCD Pharma Franchise Company
Our company manufactures and markets multiple ranges of medicines and products. These medicines help patient to get cure from the infections and allergies and fastens the healing process. Our product list covers all the potential drugs that you will require to own for a good PCD franchise opportunity in the future. Our company has a WHO-GMP certified plant. The range that is offered for pharma franchise:

Analgesic Drug Range

  • Antialergic.
  • B-Lactam
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Proton Pump
  • Tranquilliser
  • Appetizer
  • Antispasmodic
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Ointments and Gel
  • Lotion and Mouth Wash
These range all the dosage system required like ointments, liquids-medicines, tablets, capsules, soft-gels, protein powders, drops, etc. The company promises to give you wide range at most affordable rates where you can happily keep yourself associated with the company for the long time
Radisun Lifesciences invites people from all across India who search for genuine pharma franchise and Third party manufacturer company business in general medicines range. We need dedicated and hardworking people who are serious about their work. In return, we promise to support you with innovative marketing plans and an increasing list of drugs. Our experience of 12+ years in this industry has benefited the 500+ of our associates. You can even join us and enjoy great demand and own a good business. The benefits of being our associates are As follows:
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